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Project leaders: Prof. Dr. Thomas Worzfeld, Dr. Remy Bonnavion

Technical Assistants: Daniel Heil, Dagmar Magalei


The mammalian semaphorin-plexin-system. Both semaphorins and their receptors, plexins, are characterized by the Sema domain which contains a seven-blade β-propeller. Mammalian semaphorins fall into five classes. Class 3 semaphorins (A-G) are soluble proteins, class 4 (A-D), 5 (A,B) and 6 (A-D) semaphorins are transmembrane proteins, and the class 7 semaphorin 7A is linked to the plasma membrane by a GPI anchor. Nine plexins have been described so far. Based on homology plexins are grouped into four subfamilies A,B,C and D. The cytoplasmic moieties of plexins (~600 amino acids) are highly conserved and do not show homology to any other known protein. Only B-plexins carry a PDZ binding motif.


Work in this research area has focused on plexins of the B-family. Currently, new cellular mechanisms of plexin signaling as well as cell-type specific in vivo functions of particular semaphorin plexin pairs are analyzed. Recently, a role of plexin-B1 in mediating the prometastatic effects of ErbB-2 (Worzfeld et al, 2012) and of B-family plexins in the regulation of epithelial polarity have been discovered (Xia et al, 2015).


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